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Hey there! I hope you enjoyed my last Christmas gift guide because I'm here with another. Today I'm going to be showing you present ideas for Him. Brother, boyfriend,Son, Dad or any other male, I'm pretty sure I've got you covered x. 

Gift guides are a great way to find inspiration for what you can give your loved ones. In this gift guide I will be bullet listing the gifts instead of writing a description for them, hope you don't mind and Let's get into it!

🎁 Christmas Jumpers
🎁 Tickets to a game/concert/show
🎁 Cologne set (Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, etc)
🎁 Gaming console (PS4/Xbox One)
🎁 Games for the Console
🎁 Camera (For photography or youtube)
🎁 Books (If you're unsure what book to get see if their fave youtuber has a book out, a lot of big youtuber's nowadays have books and merchandise)
🎁 Personalised stuff (jumpers, picture, cards, etc)
🎁 Socks
🎁 A watch
🎁 A trip! Book a trip for your parents or brother or someone. (eg at a skydiving complex trip)
🎁 Sunglasses
🎁 Pyjama Sets (Primark has some great ones!)
🎁 Gift Cards
🎁 Hair Products
🎁 CDs
🎁 Beats Headphones
🎁 Shoes! (eg.Nike, Adidas,)
🎁 Itunes/ Google play gift cards
🎁 Bedding/ Duvet sets 
🎁 High street gift sets
🎁 Clothes (Tracksuit bottoms, etc)
🎁 FOOOOD (chocolate, his fave sweets, food is a great option)
🎁 A new wallet
🎁 A comical gift could be great too like some fake glasses

I really tried to include a variety of gifts in this post. Don't feel like you have to give a pricey gift, give from the heart not the wallet. But if it's what you want and what you know he would love then go straight ahead. And remember, if you're struggling with what to give try this rule 
Something to wear,
Something to read,
Something they want,
Something they need.

Credit due to the person on Twitter who posted about this '4 present rule'. Hope you enjoyed this short post and I'll see you next time. Check out my contact me page for my links and my Shop page for some more inspiration. Love you all X

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