BeautyBlogrx is Born..

10:10 pm

Umm Hey everyone.. So today I was inspired to make a blog, a different kind of blog where I blog about my life and answer and questions you guys have to ask. I know this page doesn't look fantastic but I'm posting this on my phone and I'll get on a computer tomorrow and fix it.

On another note, please don't mind my grammar, I'm not great at "punctuation" if I'm honest. And also sorry if I use "mobile slang terms" such as tbh (to be honest) and stuff, I'm just so used to it.

If you want to contact me and talk (I don't mind at all) my tip instagram is @xtipfactoryx so you can dm me there.

I'll have an all about me post up soon so don't worry! I love you all to the moon and back ♥

- BBrx (BeautyBlogrx)

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